The NG07 was designed by the Pirates #1 prospect Nick Gonzales. This hand-crafted bat will be a fan favorite for the future pro players in the making! The NG07 has the best of both worlds, combining characteristics of two Chandler fan favorites in the CC13 and CC13A along with a slightly thinner handle. When it came to creating this model, BALANCE was the key word Gonzales wanted. The mix of those barrels gives the NG07 a more medium size barrel that provides a great transition into the handle/knob and perfected that balance he was looking for!

Knob Taper: Flare  |  Handle Thickness: Thin  |  Barrel Taper: Medium  |  Barrel Size: Extended  |  Feel: Slightly End Loaded  |  Custom Crafted  |  Allow Approx. 4 Weeks