The Ink Dot

Find out the meaning behind the "ink dot" test that’s on every professional bat emblazoned with the Chandler signature logo.

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The Story

The Chandler brand has been spreading across the world, all by word of mouth, but you may not be familiar with the whole story behind this famous name.

  • Behind every Revolution Lies its Purpose.

  • Hinter jeder Revolution liegt ihr Zweck.

  • Detrás de cada revolución se halla su propósito.

  • Derrière chaque révolution est son but.

  • Dietro ogni rivoluzione si trova il suo scopo.

  • Bakom varje revolution ligger dess syfte.

  • 所有革命的背後必有其偉大的目地

  • 全ての革命の背後には成果がやどる