Since 2009, Chandler Bats has prided itself on continuously constructing the most finely engineered wood baseball bat in the world. Often imitated but NEVER duplicated, Chandler Bats remain THE gold standard amongst MLB’s top prospects and stars, as well as players of all levels.

Chandler Bats are famous worldwide for their distinct, booming crack that changed the sound of baseball forever. The proprietary science that goes into every detail of every Chandler bat results in the best performing and hardest finish baseball has ever seen.

In 2019, Chandler Bats was acquired by Yoenis Céspedes' YC52, LLC with the goal of supporting and expanding our production capabilities, product line, and more. The knowledge and passion for baseball by our new ownership team will help Chandler Bats continue to develop and consistently manufacture products unlike anything else on the market.

Decades of experience, the highest quality wood, the hardest finish and highest level of performance. We are DIFFERENT BY DESIGN™.

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