Front face of Chandler bat
Left face of Chandler bat
Right face of Chandler bat
Back face of Chandler bat

Hitting Guidelines

Chandler Bats utilizes customized manufacturing processes which provide higher yields of quality raw materials. These techniques combined with the proprietary treatment of our turned bats for stabilization, fused with special finishing techniques increases the performance of the bat over repeated usage. When you buy a Chandler Bat, you’ve given yourself the best advantage available to any hitter today!

Our team of master craftsmen spend many hours creating each custom bat in an effort to maximize its performance. Therefore it is critical to thoroughly understand and adhere to the Chandler Bat Hitting Guidelines in order to maintain your 60 Day Guarantee:

ALWAYS hit with the Chandler logo facing up or down at impact (hit in green area only!)

    ALWAYS hit between the logo and within 1" of the end of the barrel. Any hits outside of green area can damage or break your bat and will void the 60 day guarantee (avoid red area!)

      ALWAYS hit 90 degrees to either the left or right side of the logo (green area only!)

        • NEVER hit cage-style dimpled balls. Only regulation leather baseballs

        • NEVER store in a car, garage or an area exposed to heat or weather

        • NEVER knock dirt from your cleats with your Chandler bat

        • NEVER modify or sand the handle

        • NEVER throw your Chandler bat