Broken bat

60 Day Guarantee

Chandler Bats takes great pride in the quality, durability, and performance of our product, continually surpassing industry standards. Our craftsmen have taken painstaking steps to reduce or eliminate the possibility of breakage of every Chandler Bat we produce. However, being a natural wood product – breakage can and will still occur.

We stand behind every bat we craft by hand with the longest warranty period in the industry. Unless noted otherwise, we will replace your bat in the event a breakage occurs within the first 60 days from time of purchase (effective date July 15, 2021 for all bats manufactured May 16, 2021 or after). Within these 60 days and in order to be eligible for replacement, you must be able to demonstrate that you have adhered to our Hitting Guidelines as outlined below. Failure to adhere to the Hitting Guidelines will automatically void your replacement guarantee. Limit one replacement per purchase.



Hitting Guidelines

Chandler Bats utilizes customized manufacturing processes which provide higher yields of quality raw materials. These techniques combined with the proprietary treatment of our turned bats for stabilization, fused with special finishing techniques increases the performance of the bat over repeated usage. When you buy a Chandler Bat, you’ve given yourself the best advantage available to any hitter today!

Our team of master craftsmen have spent many hours creating your custom bat in an effort to maximize its performance. Therefore it is critical to thoroughly understand and adhere to the Chandler Bat Hitting Guidelines in order to maintain your 60 day guarantee:

ALWAYS hit with the Chandler logo facing up or down at impact (hit in green area only!)

    ALWAYS hit between the logo and within 1" of the end of the barrel. Any hits outside of green area can damage or break your bat and will void the 60 day guarantee (avoid red area!)

      ALWAYS hit 90 degrees to either the left or right side of the logo (green area only!)

        • NEVER hit cage-style dimpled balls. Only regulation leather baseballs

        • NEVER store in a car, garage or an area exposed to heat or weather

        • NEVER knock dirt from your cleats with your Chandler bat

        • NEVER modify or sand the handle

        • NEVER throw your Chandler bat


        Visual evidence of a lack of adherence to proper hitting location and/or proper care as detailed above will automatically void your 60 Day Guarantee!


        Exclusive Remedy to Bat Breakage

        The remedies provided by the Chandler Bats 60 Day Guarantee are to repair or replace the item purchased a maximum of one time at the sole discretion of Chandler Bats. These are the sole remedies available to the purchaser. The purchaser waives all other remedies including but not limited to refund, recovery of consequential damages, attorneys’ fees, punitive damages, lost profits, medical expenses, and legal expenses. In the event of legal proceedings or arbitration, purchaser agrees that any monetary recovery will be limited to the purchase price of the bat. Please see the Terms and Conditions section of our website for more detailed information regarding limitations on the purchaser’s remedies. In the event of any conflict between the Terms and Conditions and this section, the Terms and Conditions shall govern.

        Replacement Claim Procedure

        If you experience damage and/or breakage of your custom bat within the first 60 days of purchase, AND the bat is found to have been used according to the Hitting Guidelines as listed above and there is no evidence of misuse, Chandler Bats will happily repair or replace your product to ensure that you are back in the game in no time. All shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer. Guarantee claim may only be made one time per purchase. The bat must have been purchased retail, new and direct from the Chandler Bats website or through an authorized dealer with accompanying receipt or the item will not be warrantied. Infinite Design Series bats are excluded.

        The steps to ensure proper claim against 60 Day Guarantee are as follows:

        1. If you believe that you have properly followed the Hitting Guidelines and have sufficient cause to file a warranty claim, please fill out the online form by clicking the button below. Be sure to include up to 3 photos of the bat clearing demonstrating the affected area and adherence to Hitting Guidelines, plus proof of purchase, and a complete description of how your bat was affected while adhering to the Guidelines.
        2. A review of the claim, your description of the event and pictures will take place by our team internally and we will contact you as soon as possible with our findings which you agree to accept as conclusive and binding. Please allow up to several weeks for our review. If a determination cannot be made through pictures submitted with the claim, you may be asked to send your bat to us for further inspection at your expense.

          Submit A Claim

          If you feel your Chandler bat has broken or otherwise become damaged, while adhering to the Hitting Guidelines and within 60 days from time of purchase, please continue by submitting a claim below.