Man working on Chandler bat

The Chandler Difference

Chandler Bats was founded in 2009 in East Norriton, Pennsylvania as a response to the need to improve safety in the game of baseball. In 2008, the rate of broken bats in Major League Baseball was at an all-time high. With a passion to improve safety as well as quality, Chandler Bats sought to provide a revolutionary wood product for big league players. We've also made it our mission to offer the same high-end product to players at any level of the game.

Chandler Bats’ commitment to accuracy and quality can be seen in the detail on every bat. Chandler Bats is committed to constructing the most finely engineered baseball bat in the world. In an industry that is over a century and a half old, Chandler Bats is a leading innovator.

In 2019, Chandler Bats was acquired by Yoenis Céspedes' YC52, LLC with the goal of supporting and expanding our production capabilities, product line, and more. The knowledge and passion for baseball by our new ownership team will help Chandler Bats continue to develop and consistently manufacture products unlike anything else on the market.

Our focus and mission remains clear providing the undisputed best product in baseball! Decades of experience, the highest quality wood, the hardest finish and highest level of performance. We are DIFFERENT BY DESIGN™.

60 Day Guarantee

Chandler Bats takes great pride in the quality, durability, and performance of our product, continually surpassing industry standards. We stand behind every bat we craft by hand with the longest warranty period in the industry. We will replace any bat in the event a breakage occurs within the first 60 days from time of purchase (see 60 Day Guarantee for terms and conditions).

The Real Gold Logo

The 22k Real Gold Chandler logo is not only our signature brand, but a mark of premium high-quality craftsmanship within the game of baseball. The Chandler 22k Real Gold logo contains real 22k gold. Just like the players whose bats sport our gold, it represents innate desire to separate from the competition. For us, it symbolizes the determination each player holds toward his or her own success – and ours.

XP Finish

Our Extra Processing finish during manufacturing, more commonly known as "XP" is available on all adult, intermediate, youth and softball bats. This innovative process cures the bat for an additional three days and gives it a smooth, glossy finish. Because of the extra processing, the XP finish results in a bat with TWICE the hardness.

The XP finish is designed to fill in the grain and cavities of the wood, which results in an even harder baseball bat. Why does the hardness of the baseball bat matter? The answer is simple. The harder the bat, the farther the ball will travel during impact!

Slope of Grain & The Ink Dot

One of the first things you might notice about your new Chandler Bat is a circle where the paint is missing with what looks like a black ink smudge on the handle of the wood. Before we explain what it is, we need to explain why it’s there. Back in 2009, concerns about the safety and durability of wood bats, particularly at the Major League level, were called in to question. Bats were breaking at an alarming rate, flying through the air, endangering the safety of players and even spectators.

Chandler Bats saw this problem and became committed to producing more tolerant bats for both professional as well as amateur players. Major League Baseball has now mandated that bats used by professional players undergo extensive testing to eliminate multi-piece breakages, caused by poor “slope of grain.” Slope of the grain refers to the angle of the grain running along the bat, which essentially you want to be as parallel as possible. We make all of our bats to this testing standard.

Bats with poor slope of grain, or too steep of an angle, break at a more frequent rate and can cause the barrel to go flying when they break. Strong bats with good slope of grain, or closer to parallel along the bat, will only ever “rupture” after extended periods of use. These ruptures generally occur along the handle as a result of getting jammed, striking a ball off the tip of the barrel, the logo or the wrong side of the bat.

It is difficult to see the way in which the grain runs on hard maple. So to test whether a bat has good slope of grain with the Ink Dot test, we take a drop of black ink and place it onto the handle after the bat has been sanded down. As the ink soaks into the wood, it will “bleed” along the grain. If it bleeds straight, then we know that we have made you a bat with a strong, durable, safe piece of wood. This is why the Ink Dot test is such a necessary part of the Chandler Bat making process.

Science & Engineering

At Chandler Bats, we aren’t only interested in crafting bats that are distinctive in look, but also in power and durability. The art of harnessing every ounce of density from a log takes time and patience. Our craftsmen and engineers are each driven to find the most effective and lasting solutions possible to ensure success and confidence at the plate.

Dimensions are held to a tolerance of .008” in diameter, weights to 1/2 of an ounce. To us, bats aren’t just objects. They’re a test of skill and knowledge, a challenge to outperform and outlast the competition on any given day. What they can make you feel can’t be measured.

Creating New Standards

Leading through innovation. Each bat ink-dot tested, superior finishes, award winning design and engineering, higher tolerances in dimension and weight – just a short list of our breakthrough advances that are becoming more prominent each season throughout the sport. We applaud the availability of these advancements you now have and, in fact, accept the role of leading innovator in an industry over a century-and-a-half old.

The desire to lead is inherent. It’s that same spirit we see in each player we serve. To keep pushing, challenge methods, discover efficiencies without diminishing quality or performance. The love of the game runs deep in all of us, and the love to invent will never cease. We are DIFFERENT BY DESIGN™.