YG "Young Gun"

Our new YG model, "Young Gun," is designed specifically for that kid who was born to play baseball. You know this kid. He wakes the whole house up hours before the alarm goes off, he couldn't sleep a minute longer, because he knows today is game day. This kid is the first one at the field, the dirtiest one to leave. You name a big leaguer, he knows his stance. Eyeblack, a wad of gum? Absolutely. This kid is impossible to miss, he was born with an undeniable love for the game. This Young Gun needs the best, and we have the YG specifically for him.

The YG model classifies as a "Balanced Bat." Each size YG will be engineered to accommodate a very well balanced yet powerful swing. An excellent choice for players of all ages between 5-12, the Chandler Youth YG adheres to the 2 1/4" diameter barrel rules. These bats specifically are designed for proper swing mechanics and in most cases, outperform their metal counterparts.

This model is designed specifically for any youth player looking to take their game to the next level, while still conforming to US and international Little League standards. The YG model is perfectly mastered in -6 ounces.

Knob Taper: Traditional  |  Handle Thickness: Thin  |  Barrel Taper: Long  |  Barrel Size: Small  |  Feel: Balanced | Custom Crafted | Approximately 4 Week Turnaround