Yoenis Céspedes Announces Ownership of Popular Bat Company, Chandler Bats

East Norriton, PA — Chandler Bats, baseball’s premier baseball bat company, is under new ownership!

On June 27, 2019, Yoenis Céspedes acquired the assets of Chandler Bat Company after Chandler Bat Company filed for bankruptcy earlier in the year. Céspedes became the owner of Chandler Bats in hopes of helping expand Chandler Bats beyond MLB players, and making its high-quality products available at the semi-pro, college, and amateur levels of play. Céspedes’ acquisition of Chandler Bats has placed him on an elite list of professional athlete entrepreneurs.

Clients and customers can rest assured knowing the commitment to quality of every finely engineered bat remains the same. Chandler Bats will continue to seek improvement and innovation to produce a product that is of the highest standard and that lives up to the Chandler Gold Logo.

"Chandler Bats has always given players the confidence to go out and swing big,” said a Chandler Bats spokesperson. “If you’re a hard worker and passionate about something, then you should expect a high-quality product for peak performance. Chandler Bats gives you exactly that, and we want to share that with players at every level of play."

Chandler Bats was founded in Norriton, Pennsylvania in 2009 from a passion to improve safety as well as quality within the game of baseball. The thought was to provide a revolutionary wood product to big league players but offer the same high-end product to any level of player.

Since it’s conception, Chandler Bats have been incredibly popular amongst MLB All-Stars such as NY Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge, Mets second baseman Robinson Canó and Phillies outfielder Bryce Harper. Judge recently put Chandler Bats in the limelight by hitting his 100th career home run with the coveted bat.

The science behind every bat, finish and piece of wood gives the Chandler Bat a distinct, booming crack as the ball comes off the bat. Many have said that it has changed the sound of baseball.

Chandler Bats, along with new owner Yoenis Céspedes, is committed to delivering a product of the highest standards for America’s favorite pastime.

If you would like more information on this topic, please email us at hello@chandlerbats.com.

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