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AP5A - Customer's Product with price 220.00 ID VzQ1btddVPfxxmn5gF66GYlH

AP5A - Customer's Product with price 220.00 ID VzQ1btddVPfxxmn5gF66GYlH

Customize Your Bat - Handle Finish Pesca Oro
Customize Your Bat - Barrel Finish Cerulean
Customize Your Bat - Logo Philippines
Customize Your Bat - Length (in) 33 in
Customize Your Bat - Weight (oz) -3 oz
Customize Your Bat - Bat Finish Matte
Customize Your Bat - Wood Species Maple
Customize Your Bat - Xtra Processing XP + $25.00 (25)
Customize Your Bat - Cupping Cup
Customize Your Bat - Custom Engraving Carlo Francisco BIG BOI
Customize Your Bat - Additional Notes Hello my name is Carlo Francisco from Yonkers, NY, Pro Ball Player from championship team in Pecos 2020 Houston, TX Tucson Saguaros Commissioner Andrew Dunn. I own a couple of this exact model bat 33/30 Maple AP5A. Hit my first Pro Bomb with this. Instagram: @carloramon_ 2nd most recent video. Is it possible to print my name how i sign? Please let me know, thank you. I will be playing in Puerto Rico Pro ball this coming 2021 January. Feeling super confident, getting better 1% each day. Also curious about career loyalty brand promoting as a professional athlete. Personal Pro Lumber Bat Packs for road trips, pro lumber deals for fellow teammates (not personal), and personal career equipment through Chandler. I graduated Communications/Marketing, BA at Lehman College Bronx, also own the All-Time Hits Record in my college. I know many ball players in the east. This would be a nice extra source of income in sales commission while on the road playing my professional seasons. I can easily reached through phone text: 914-672-6056. To support my baseball dreams I also buy/sell cars so I am excellent at sales.
configId VzQ1btddVPfxxmn5gF66GYlH
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