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Chandler Bats Warranty

Chandler Bats prides itself on the continued guarantee that our bats live up to the performance expectations of our deserving customers. With the purchase of each one of our Chandler Wooden Bats, our customers receive a guarantee of expected performance for the first 30 days after purchase. Within these 30 days, our customers must use our product to its best possible capacity by adhering to our Hitting Guidelines outlined below.

Hitting Guidelines

Chandler Bats utilizes customized manufacturing processes which provides higher yields of quality raw materials. These techniques combined with the proprietary treatment of the turned bat for stabilization fused with special finishing techniques increases the performance of the bat over repeated usage. When you buy a Chandler Bat, you’ve given yourself the best advantage available to any hitter today.

Our team of master crafters spend many hours creating our bats in an effort to maximize their performance, and therefore it is important to understand our Chandler Bat Usage Guidelines:

  • Always keep the Chandler Label up or on top when striking a baseball.
  • The Hitting Area is between the Chandler Logo and within 1 inch of the end of the barrel of the bat on the left and right sides of the logo.
  • DO NOT hit any ball other than a regulation leather baseball – NO BATTING-CAGE-STYLE, DIMPLED BALLS – EVER.
  • DO NOT knock dirt from spikes with a Chandler Bat.
  • DO NOT throw your Chandler Bat.
  • DO NOT modify or sand the handle – our design team is pleased to work with you on fine-tuning a model specific to your needs.
  • DO NOT store Chandler Bats in a car, garage or an area exposed to the weather.

Exclusive Remedy to Bat Breakage

The remedies provided by our Chandler Bat team guarantee repair or replacement, and these are the sole remedies available to the purchaser. The purchaser waives all other remedies including but not limited to recovery of consequential damages, attorneys’ fees, punitive damages, lost profits, medical expenses, and legal expenses. In the event of legal proceedings or arbitration, purchaser agrees that any monetary recovery will be limited to the purchase price of the bat. Please see the terms and conditions to our website for more detailed information regarding limitations on the purchaser’s remedies. In the event of any conflict between the terms and conditions and this section, the terms and conditions govern.

Replacement Claim Procedure

If our client experiences any damages to their bat within the first 30 days of purchase, and the bat is found to have been used according to the hitting guidelines, Chandler Bats will happily replace your product to ensure that you are back in the game in no time. The steps to ensure proper allocation of a new bat are:

  1. If you believe that you would like to file a claim, please fill out the form online in the link below. If you are unsure if your bat falls within the Guidelines, you can contact us at (877) 497-2287 to reach one of our warranty representatives.
  2. Mail all broken pieces of the Chandler bat to:
    Chandler Bats - Warranty Department
    2947 Felton Road
    East Norriton, PA 19401
  3. It is very important to return the entire bat so that our staff can review and analyze the breakage. Upon receipt of the failed bat, we will assess the damage and if the use has been within the Chandler Bat guidelines, an identical replacement bat will be shipped out immediately.
  4. A review of the claim and broken bat will take place by our certified assessment team, and we will contact you as soon as possible with our findings, which you agree to accept as conclusive and binding.

Submit A Claim

If you feel your Chandler has broken too soon and you followed the Chandler Bats Usage Guidelines, please submit a claim.