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Chandler bats with pencil marks on them
Chandler bat laser cutting
Chandler bat being measured
Chandler bat barrel being measured by man
Chandler bat on desk
Man measuring Chandler bat
Man designing Chandler bat in modeling program

Science & Engineering

At Chandler, we aren’t only interested in crafting bats that are distinctive in look, but also in power and durability. The art of harnessing every ounce of density from a log takes time and patience. Our craftsmen and engineers are each driven to find the most effective and lasting solutions possible to ensure success and confidence at the plate.

Dimensions are held to a tolerance of .008” in diameter, weights to 1/10th of an ounce. To us, bats aren’t just objects. They’re a test of skill and knowledge, a challenge to outperform and outlast the competition on any given day. What they can make you feel can’t be measured.