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About Chandler Bats

Based in East Norriton, Pennsylvania, Chandler Bats was founded in 2009 as a response to the need to improve safety in the game of baseball. In 2008, the rate of broken bats in Major League Baseball was at an all-time high. With a passion to improve safety as well as quality, Chandler Bats sought to provide a revolutionary wood product for big league players. They also made it their mission to offer the same high-end product to players at any level of the game.

Chandler Bats’ commitment to accuracy and quality can be seen in the detail on every bat. From The Ink Dot to the Rubberband, these details represent the care and precision that goes into making each and every bat. Chandler Bats is committed to constructing the most finely engineered baseball bat in the world. In an industry that is over a century and a half old, Chandler Bats is a leading innovator.

In 2019 Chandler Bats was acquired by YC52, LLC with the goal of helping Chandler Bats expand past Major League Baseball to college play and beyond. New ownership's knowledge and passion for baseball will help Chandler Bats produce products unlike anything else on the market. This acquisition landed Yoenis Céspedes on an elite list of professional athlete entrepreneurs.

With Céspedes spearheading this growth and change in leadership, Chandler Bats has been actively recruiting players who value and want to play with the best, and want to propel the brand to the next level. Our focus and mission remains clear providing the best product in baseball.