Made from the highest performance vinyl, cut and weeded by hand, the Chandler insignia is the finishing touch carefully placed onto your prized bat. With a Chandler bat lifespan achieving more than one season of use, sometimes the wear and tear of the game takes its toll.

We offer step-by-step instructions on how to replace your bat logo. You can also apply these logos to your car, window, laptop or just about anywhere. If you have any questions regarding our logos or the replacement process, please contact us at csr@chandlerbats.com or (877) 497-2287. If you order a logo along with a Chandler bat, we will ship your logo to you immediately, before your Chandler bat.
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Australia Flag Logo

Black Carbon Fiber Logo

Black Logo

California Flag Logo

Canada Flag Logo

Carolina Blue Logo

Cuba Flag Logo

Deluxe Blue Logo

Deluxe Green Logo

Deluxe Orange Logo

Deluxe Purple Logo

Deluxe Red Logo

Dominican Republic Flag Logo

Gold Logo

Gray logo

Green Logo

Hawaii Flag Logo

Italy Flag Logo

Japan Flag Logo

Korea Flag Logo

Maryland Flag Logo

Mexico Flag Logo

Navy Blue Logo

Neon Green Logo

Orange Logo

Panama Flag Logo

Philippines Flag Logo

Pink Logo

Puerto Rico Flag Logo

Purple Logo

Red Logo

Silver Logo

Spain Flag Logo

Taiwan Flag Logo

Teal Logo

Texas Flag Logo

USA Flag Logo

Venezuela Flag Logo

White Logo

Yellow Logo