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Chandler Bats fully controls the quality and processing of the raw materials used to make our high-performance wooden bats.  Our customized manufacturing process provides higher yields of quality raw materials and utilizes the proprietary treatment of the turned bat for stabilization fused with special finishing techniques to increase the performance of the bat over repeated usage.  When you buy a Chandler Bat, you’ve made a decision to give yourself the best advantage available to any hitter today.

Our team of master craftsmen spends many hours creating our bats and in an effort to maximize its performance, it is important to understand our Chandler Bat Usage Guidelines:

  • Always keep the Chandler Label up or on top when striking a baseball
  • The Hitting Area is between the Chandler Logo and within 1 inch of the end of the barrel of the bat on the left and right sides of the logo
  • DO NOT hit any ball other than a regulation leather baseball – NO BATTING-CAGE-STYLE, DIMPLED BALLS – EVER
  • DO NOT knock dirt from spikes with a Chandler Bat
  • DO NOT throw your Chandler Bat
  • DO NOT modify or sand the handle – our design team is pleased to work with you on fine-tuning a model specific to your needs
  • DO NOT store Chandler Bats in a car, garage or an area exposed to the weather