The pleasure of owning a Chandler begins long before you step up to the plate.

We take great pride in our product and the craftsmanship that goes into each bat is nothing to hide. That is why our doors are always open to anyone who would like a behind the scenes tour of our world-class bat crafting facility in Norristown, Pennsylvania.


The tour begins at our state-of-the-art, temperature controlled billet room, where you will learn about the quality, grading and science behind our wood selection. You are then guided throughout our shop floor with our craftsmen at work, and shown each step in the Chandler process. The tour ends at our 812+ bat model library wall, where you are granted the privilege of seeing and holding any model you desire. Some of the models hanging are even game used by former and current big league players.


When you are ready to own your own Chandler, you are also afforded the opportunity to demo different Chandler models. One of our bat experts will take you into our professional batting cage on our shop floor where you can test out as many different models as you desire. Our goal is to make you a model that feels best in your hands, and thus gives you confidence at the plate. We will guide you through the selection process as we watch the way you hit with each model. If you cant find a model you like in our library, you may create your own model, with the specific dimensions you prefer. Once you select your model, you can customize your bat even further with finish, logo, cupping and engraving. Your custom bat will be in your hands 4-6 weeks later.


UPDATE: OUR BATTING CAGE IS STILL CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION - WE ARE MORE THAN PLEASED TO ASSIST YOU IN CHOOSING THE PROPER MODEL AND SIZE. For any questions or concerns, please email us at We will assist you via email with any questions you have about models and specifications.